Paul Keller (1873-1932)

Paul Keller (born 6 July 1873 in Arnsdorf, died 20 August 1932 in Breslau) was a primary school teacher and very popular writer, some of whose novels were made into films. He is best known for imbuing his works with a love of nature and Heimat, and for his, albeit conservative and moralistic, concern for the common people. He belongs among the most read German authors from the start of the 20th Century.

Works published by K A Nitz:

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Published in 2019:

Keller, Paul. Gold and Myrrh. Albany, New Zealand: K A Nitz, November 2019. ISBN: 978-0-473-49833-7.
A translation of Gold und Myrrhe (first published 1898), including the stories “Franz Seyfried”, “Röslein am Wege”, “Welkes Laub”, “Ein Frühlingsmärchen”, “Arme Kinder”, “Schicksal”, “Der alte und der neue Schulschrank”, “Der Lump”, “Bergfriede”, and “Schmiedefeuer”.

To be published in 2020:

Keller, Paul. More Tales of Gold and Myrrh. Auckland, New Zealand: K A Nitz, November 2020. ISBN: 978-0-473-54494-2
A translation of Gold und Myrrhe. Neue Folge. Erzählungen und Skizzen (first published 1900), including the stories “Advent (Zwei Miniaturen)”, “Frühmesse”, “Der Schultornister”, “Die Wunderorgel”, “Ärger”, “Frühlingsende”, “Im Waldschulhause”, and “Zigeunerkind”.

To be published in 2021:

Keller, Paul. Forest Winter: A Novel of the Silesian Mountains.
A translation of Waldwinter: Roman aus der schlesischen Bergen (first published 1902).